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Electrologist Susan Nasta, L.E., C.P.E.


An Electrologist/Client Relationship is often a personal one.  Great satisfaction can be derived from helping others achieve a better Self- Image

The primary objective of an Electrologist is helping people improve their physical appearance and self-esteem through the permanent removal of unwanted hair. Thousands of women, men and teens suffer emotional trauma from superfluous hair growth and feel unattractive and self-conscious. A negative self-image and lack of confidence may become problematic in the workplace and social settings.

The field of Electrology has evolved into its own profession in a growing paramedical field. The American Medical Association and the Food and Drug Administration recognize Electrolysis as the ONLY method of safe and permanent hair removal. As awareness grows among the general public, so does demand for skilled, knowledgeable practitioners.

As a Licensed Electrologist I utilize state of the art technology and equipment; using computerized modalities of galvanic, thermolysis and blend, with one-hand insertion techniques as well as anaphoresis and cataphoresis techniques.

Because I am committed to excellence and have a strong conviction to a medically oriented continuing education program, I maintain membership and involvement in the American Electrology Association and the New York Electrolysis Association, which are professional organizations upholding the highest standards in the field of Electrology.

The Causes of Hirsutism Cannot Always be Eliminated, but Unwanted Hair Can!

Many factors within our bodies play a role in the development of unwanted hair. Some factors are normal biological changes that we undergo throughout our lives such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Other causes are related to glandular disorders that may cause elevated levels of androgen hormones. These hormones can be responsible for the development of superfluous hair or hirsutism.

Many people grow excess hair simply because of hereditary factors, while, in others, stress, emotional problems and certain medications affect the body's production of androgens, causing excess hair growth. The Electrologist is trained to recognize hair growth patterns and outward symptoms which may require referral to a physician, most often an endocrinologist.

The good news is that unwanted hair can be removed permanently through Electrolysis. The treatment involves placing a sterile needle/probe into the hair follicle and transmitting a small amount of Electrical energy. The current cauterizes the hair's regenerative cells. A series of treatments eliminates active germinative cells disabling the dermal papilla from producing another hair.

~ Outlook ~

Electrolysis is here to stay with or without new technology because it provides proven permanent results in a safe, affordable way on any skin and hair type. Since 1875 the medical profession recognized Electrolysis and continues to accept needle/probe Electrolysis as "the Golden Standard for Achieving Permanent Hair Removal".

~ Complimentary Offer for All New Clients ~

Please call me today at (917) 596 9701 (New York City residents) or (845) 567-3381 (Newburgh area residents) to schedule your Private Consultation with a Free 10-Minute Electrolysis Treatment and allow me to explain how Electrolysis is still the only Proven, Safe and Permanent Method of Hair Removal.

I'm Sure You'll be Glad that You Took the Time to Feel Better

About the Way You Look!